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Kfar Saba

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Yoga's essence is the unity of the body at all its layers where the consciousness is connected to the soul, the ego is connected to the spirit and the physical existence is connected to the unlimited energy.
I bumped into yoga 7 years ago, after years of training in the gym. At first site it appeared to me like something that does not require too much of an effort. Well, I was proven wrong from the beginning as I found out there is much more in to practicing yoga than it showed from afar.
The body is a great teacher. Aside from the physical benefits such as increased muscle tone and strength, increased flexibility, improved respiration energy and vitality, cardio and circulatory health, through the body I have learnt that:
even the "ligthest" poses hold on depth and awareness
even in the most challenging asanas you can release and loosen up
and it take as much as paying attention to the breathing in order to be present – here and now
These are few of the insights I received from yoga which I take into my daily life and this is what I love to pass forward – the compatibility of yoga to the day to day life.
- Certified by Yoga Alliance, I teach Viniyoga and Vinyasa yoga in small groups so I can devote my attention to every participant. Love to work with all stages from beginners to advanced.

- CTI Co-Active life coach

- "Points of You" certified trainer

- BA Psychology and management


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