Candice Core

Oceanside, CA
United States

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I'm a Texas girl living the Cali life. I recently moved to Oceanside to follow my heart and dreams to live near the ocean. I found the practice of yoga later in my life but once I did, I knew I had to share this gift I found with others. My first yoga love was Vinyasa flow and continued on my journey finding the power of ease and stillness in the Yin and Restorative practices. My most recent passion is practicing and teaching SUPYoga. I like to take a more inventive approach to creating thoughtfully fun and dynamic sequences for my students. I encourage my students to honor their body and their practice while inspiring them to find the right mix of challenge and comfort each time they come to the mat. I teach techniques to keep the mind calm while overcoming the challenges by strengthening the body, building flexibility and endurance, all while developing openhearted presence to create a positive energy flow, which in turn allows one to become mentally, emotionally and physically healthier both on and off the mat. Through the gift yoga I chose to promote peace, love, unity and well-being by helping others return to the source of all that they are. I want to help others to live the life they love!

Week of December 2TH

Tuesday, Dec 03

  • Candlelight Yin+Meditation Candice Core @ Black Sheep Yoga Studio
    07:30 pm to 08:30 pm

Thursday, Dec 05

  • $15
    12:00 pm to 01:00 pm

Friday, Dec 06

  • Yoga Bliss: Restorative Yoga Candice Core @ Black Sheep Yoga Studio
    05:00 pm to 06:00 pm