Candice Davies

Cary, NC
United States

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Candice, Integrity’s founder and owner, is a Speech & Language Pathologist, with more than 32 years experience in public education, health-care & private practice. She’s completed her 200 (Ashtanga style) and 500 (Viniyoga) hour certifications, and has been fortunate to work with Bryon Legere (YogaWall), Sandra Sumar (Yoga for the Special Child), Molly Kenny (The Samarya Center), and Marsha Wenig’s teams.

Candice’s primary influence and teacher is Gary Kraftsow at the American ViniYoga Institute.

Integrity Studio specializes in yoga for youth. Traditional and literature + play-based platforms of yoga, provide social, non-competitive, sensory integration curricula. Students with anxiety, and sensory-processing concerns have benefitted greatly from our services.


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