Candice Hartwell

Edmonton, AB

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I am a Certified Yoga Instructor with completion of 200 hour YTT from Yogalife Studios in Edmonton. I have been practicing yoga for 6 years and have found tremendous joy in all that yoga has to offer for my mind, body and spiritual developement. Becoming a yoga instructor allows me to serve fellow practitioners by cultivating mind, body and spiritual awareness through yoga movements, meditation and self-study.

Yoga was introduced to me at a time in my life where I had many uncertainties about myself and my life path. My yoga journey has helped me to uncover my true self by allowing me to find balance and centre in my mind, body and soul. Through dedication and devotion to my practice, I am able to dive deeper into the study of the self, awakening new self-discoveries, awareness and clarity which allows me to continually find my own truth and a trust in myself that did not previously exist.

For me, yoga has been a life changing practice that has allowed me to find inner peace and awaken my consciousness. It has facilitated my ability to clear my mind and concentrate on my body and breath. The self-awareness developed by this ability to be focused and centered is what permits a person to have a better understanding of the self and as a result, higher connection and unity with other beings.

Yoga is a place where you can come to feel free of stress, judgement and insecurity. As each person is on their own journey, they are focused on their inner selves and their own space. The positive energy provided by the focus on meditation, the breath and the body, will allow you to enhance your skills both physically and spiritually without need for doubt or fear.

It is my hope that in my classes you will find faith in your abilities and a connection to your inner spirit that will aid you in building a deeper understanding of your own energy and purpose.


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