Candice Leon

Los Angeles, CA
United States

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I offer private yoga sessions for people who want deep relief from modern stresses to grief and trauma. Coming from experience in a great deal of grief and traumatic events I know yoga to be one of the greatest therapies with very loving and healing techniques and philosophies that I have been able to come back to time and time again, as we are always a work in progress. Modern stresses can suck the soul right out of us sometimes, just as much as a traumatic event, as it can be ever so relentless. With the art of yoga and stress relief techniques I find very effective, we can switch our Nervous System from a state of Fight/Flight/Freeze, meant only for emergencies and completely on over-drive in the modern daily life, back to a state of Rest & Digest, coaxing the body and the mind into a safe place of peace and openness where we can begin to heal and strengthen the heart and soul. I aim to make a true impact on people's lives, whatever stage of yoga practice they may be in. In a private session we are able to address your personal goals and hurdles, within your schedule, in the comfort of your own space or a beautiful place in nature. To guide you beyond the one on one session to live more fully everyday, I will provide tools such as a tailored 10-20 minute, focused asana practice sequence that brings results, without falling back on such road blocks as a lack of time, flexibility, or strength. Another tool I use is a daily mantra and 10 minute meditation technique. You can add the aid of aromatherapy and all sorts of other fun and supportive tools that we work on tailoring just for you. And you have my support whenever you need via email, phone or skype! A fuller, freer, more fluid and confident lifestyle can be yours. Although this is challenging to integrate into our busy and stressful lives, especially if you feel stuck in an unhealthy cycle, I want to help you make healthy habits stick! Continued self-care is essential to caring for others and for creating a sustainable happy place inside and out. With respect, from my heart to yours, as we are all Namaste. Email me for further inquiry at


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