Cara Smith

San Luis Obispo, CA
United States

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Cara was born and raised in San Antonio, TX, danced since before she could walk and trained, performed, and practiced dance at the Turning Point Dance Center and Visions Dance Troupe for about 10 years. After a short break with dance, she quickly found her way back to her passion of teaching dance, dabbling in ballet and jazz classes at PASCB, then moving to San Francisco in 2012, and practicing at ODC and City Dance.

Once in San Francisco, she soon longed for a more spiritual journey and, after much convincing from her fiancee and close friends, she tried her first Vinyasa Yoga class at the Yoga Loft, immediately falling in love - nothing aside from dance had ever made her feel that way, and she was hooked! She began a regular practice at Yoga to the People and eventually, at lovely little Laughing Lotus in the Mission. She then made a wonderful decision to dive into Teacher Training at Laughing Lotus and is now sharing the beautiful truth of yoga with our world.


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