Carey Rudisill

Castlegar, BC

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I teach yoga classes where laughter, occasional bad knock-knock jokes, and enjoyment are part of the class. I teach several six-week series throughout the year. I believe that bringing more awareness to our bodies also includes our minds -- and having a light attitude (hence the knock knock jokes, hA!) is part of the process. I attained my 200-hour RYT through Natalie Rousseau-Horscroft. I am always trying to learn more, making sure I get on my own mat. I have my own spots that are my kryptonite -- sore lower back, knees that click, and an inner voice that says mean things (that gremlin voice, you know the one) sometimes about my poses or my concentration. I know what it feels like when all those sore spots feel like they will never go away. I know what it feels like to be in a fog, of grief, of depression -- and feel like those spots will always be rough, and hard. Each of us is different, our spots, the baggage we carry -- all different, and all the same. I hope that I can help others when they come to class for the first (or second ) time to see that coming to the yoga mat, stretching out those spots and turning the 'gremlin' voice off -- those moments are all worth the fear that nothing gets better. Because, I believe that we all can come to our yoga mats -- to our floors -- and we can start making it better. Bit by bit.


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