Carl Lobitz

San Antonio, TX
United States

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Physically active all his life, Carl first experienced the amazing power of yoga more than ten years ago when he walked into a gentle yoga class. He immediately recognized that yoga was what the mind and body needed and became eager to learn as much as he could. After a few months, he discovered Ashtanga yoga and was amazed at the physical beauty and clarity this vigorous practice of ered. Since then, he counts himself lucky to have studied with David Swenson, Robert Boustany, Charly Pivert, Andrew Eppler, Mike Matthews and Kino Macgregor. His current teacher is Lisa Long. Through extensive practice, Carl realized that physical benefits are only a part of the magic of yoga; clarity of thought and calm steadiness of mind which come with the breath leads the student inevitably towards serenity. After attaining teacher certification (RYT 200) Carl started teaching and realized that sharing the joy of the practice was yet another dimension in his deepening love of yoga. Although trained in classical Ashtanga, Carl also teaches vinyasa flow, gentle yoga and acrobatics, having studied with acrobatics champion and coach Vladimir Vladev for five years.


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