Carl Rubino

Schenectady, NY
United States

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Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher (CKYT) and Kripalu Yoga In Schools Teacher (CKYIST) in Lake Placid, Elizabethtown, Keene, NY. Classes, Workshops, Individual, Small inspire a meaningful yoga practice for all ages and abilities, and to offer modifications and variations to allow each individual to make their yoga the practice that is best suited for them at that moment. To make movement and breath flow together as one graceful flowing moment of self-awareness, flexibility, balance, strength and endurance. And to do it all to an integrated playlist. To plant little seeds of inspiration that allow each practitioner to discover what is already within them in mind, body and spirit.

Quotes from some of my Students:

Margaret Waterhouse, Yoga Teacher at The Yoga Tree, Keene, NY and True North Yoga, Schroon Lake, NY: “Carl, it was a great class! I really appreciated the way you opened talking about the breath. I feel that is such a key piece to yoga and it is always good to be reminded. Really a solid class I feel. An original sequence with a nice blend of work and rest, consistent reminders on the theme focus you introduced at the beginning of class and nice yoga music too. A very nice atmosphere.”

Molly Kasriels, Physical Therapist, Mountain Lake Children’s Residence, Lake Placid, NY: “Please know that this has been a wonderful experience and that the boys have a very nice increased awareness of their selves through this class.” Referring to my Yoga for Adolescents At Risk Program

Christine Labbate: "My mom and I have different body types and different levels of ability which can create a struggle when trying to find a class we can both enjoy together. Carl's classes fit our needs perfectly gentle modifications for her and challenging modifications to go deeper into a pose for me."

Kathryn, NYC: "I asked Carl to do a family yoga class for me, my husband and our two children (5 and 7) while were vacationing in the area. He was so friendly and accommodating to each one of us individually and as a small group. I'd do it again in a minute. Wish there were more yoga classes like this."

Kristin W., Walpole, MA: “If you think that yoga is an individual endeavor, think again. Carl inspired and motivated my entire family to relax, explore movement, and enjoy the power of yoga. Even my husband, who can’t bend at the waist and touch the ground, found our session to be enjoyable and therapeutic. My teenaged kids loved the challenges of stretching in a way that they weren’t used to. We loved it!”

Melissa, Westport, NY: "As a ten-year beginner, I've felt intimidated in countless yoga classes until now. Carl put me at ease with a combination of humor and gentle instruction - a real no pressure environment. His knowledge of the poses and benefits of each of them seems pretty deep which I completely appreciate."

: “I have enjoyed the class and I appreciate all your efforts to show us the breathing and the asanas. I am putting your instruction to good use and find myself using the breathing and relaxation methods to use even at work. It feels good when I do. Thank you for everything.”

Susanna P: “Your class is great and I will recommend it to anyone!”.

Christine L: "I took Carl's beginner class a number of months into my yoga practice. While none of the poses were new to me the tips and tricks to get the perfect alignment were awesome. As well as being able to learn where I should be in a pose and how to make minor adjustments to obtain correct alignment."

Margarte S: “I was in Carl Rubino's Beginner Yoga Series and it was such a great experience. He was very helpful, and if I didn't do a move properly he corrected me so I would do it right the next time. I would highly recommend him as a yoga instructor, his patience and skill are very admirable.”.

Kathy G: “I really enjoyed your beginners yoga class held in 2014 in Elizabethtown. You made it very enjoyable and easy to follow even for a novice.”

4/16/15 Email from Jeff Plank, Ed.: “I brought some of my students to Carl Rubino’s Beginner Yoga Series classes. I initially was there to just supervise. After sitting through one class, I was drawn to begin participating in the class as I saw how engaged my students were, and how knowledgeable and affective Carl was at reaching my students. Since then I have gained an interest and appreciation for Yoga as it has helped me in many aspects of my life. I would recommend Carl’s beginner series Yoga classes to anyone who may be struggling with the stresses in their life, or to those who may just want to grow spiritually as these are the two areas that have helped me.”

Kim Marie: “I'd never gone to a yoga class before. Your beginning yoga class was perfect for me! The different breathing exercises come in VERY handy when I'm at work and feeling a bit stressed. I use the breathing techniques and can immediately feel myself relax!” Kim Marie

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