Carla Irvin

Camp Hill, PA
United States

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I believe that everyone can practice yoga. Period. You are probably already practicing yoga and don't even know it. I want to help you discover how by focusing on your breath, putting intention into your movements and living a life in harmony with the true nature of your being, you can live your yoga! Yoga is many things. It's therapy for our stressed bodies and a salve for our over-stimulated minds. It's a way to express your deepest emotions and get in touch with your Self. And all it takes is intention--both on and off the mat.
My personal yoga journey started in 2008, after the birth of my second son. I needed a way to find some peace and quiet with very boisterous little boys in my life. Yoga was the one thing that kept me going each day--and still does. My life is very active, but yoga brings me to a place of peace within my "monkey mind". I've been teaching vinyasa yoga since 2010 and now I'm also assisting teaching others how to become yoga teachers with Om My Yoga Academy (RYS 200/300). But I'm still a student, and still learning how to find balance in my life.
Along with yoga and my family, I consider cooking and nutrition to be one of my greatest passions. I've been a vegetarian since 1989 and vegan since 2001. Through the practical knowledge I've gained, I love to help others find greater wellness through diet and yoga.


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