Carlene Stott

Burnaby, BC

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Yoga has taught me and continues to teach me acceptance, strength, positivity, and peace. I always look forward to how I feel when I am on my mat. Yoga can mean something different to everyone who practices it, but for me yoga will always be more than exercise. With yoga I have learned more than how to gain physical strength and flexibility, I have also learned how to connect my mind and my body while exercising and I believe this is why I love and continue to love practicing yoga. I originally started yoga as a way to get back into shape after having my two children. After I had kids for whatever reason my body no longer felt like my own, and I am glad I discovered yoga because it has helped me become better connected to my mind and my inner strength. Through yoga I have managed to learn more about myself and my body than I ever could have expected. The main focus of most exercise routines is to build strength and muscle, but yoga also builds a strong mind. Yoga is a way for me to continually challenge myself physically and mentally.
In my classes, I try to cultivate exploration, and help each student develop physical awareness, strength, and acceptance. I try to inspire, and bring mindful awareness through connecting breath to movement and prana. I believe in practicing from the heart, keeping an open mind and teaching classes that are focused, and accessible yet challenging to all students at all levels. I believe in finding the path that will lead you to being your best you. I love all types of yoga classes and especially love teaching hot yoga. I am passionate about teaching and whether it is a stretch and relaxation, flow, power, or yoga and core class I hope to pass on to my students my love for yoga.


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