Carli Astell

Bloomington, IN
United States
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Yoga is my path, passion, and life. I have been to school for many things, but I am currently putting all that aside and following my heart. I have a BS in holistic nutrition, and Doctorate in natural health, and a BA in anthropology. I use my knowledge to help people with dietary concerns and ailments any way I can. I am a dedicated ashtanga student that loves to teach fluid vinyasa. I believe in health, happiness, and love. (And lots of smiles) ERYT200


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Carli is my dream yoga instructor

I came into yoga not knowing much--like anything, at all. Still Carli made me feel like whatever my own growth in yoga looked like was perfectly normal, and even stressed ideas of practicing nonviolence to oneself. Her classes are for any person willing to work on themselves, whatever that looks like each day. I brought my 67-year-old dad and after only 30 minutes of yoga, all that he could must that day, he said he could touch his toes for the first time since he shattered his femur in an accident. Really great. Carli also likes to work you, core and gluts especially. But this is more about pushing yourself than being pushed. I love this class. It is my weekly medicine.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Best in town!

Carli is an experienced teacher and highly skilled practitioner of yoga. Her classes move along at a comfortable pace and she is always happy to take questions and give help. If you're advanced, you'll appreciate the focus on form and challenging balance work; if you're a beginner, you'll like the easy, fun atmosphere and complete acceptance of all levels of skill. Some yoga teachers are aerobics teachers in disguise (no offense intended to aerobics instructors!); not Carli.


She understands and practices the physical forms for their own beauty and healthful properties and likewise for the spiritual side of self-acceptance, personal growth, and community support. I travel a lot and take yoga wherever I go, and I am always impressed how Carli's skill and dedication match some of the best in the country.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
highly recommended!

I have been taking Carli's vinyasa classes for the past year. In this time, I've increased my flexibility, strength, and balance, and have noticed a lot of improvement in the poses. Carli's classes are challenging, but her humor and enthusiasm keep me from collapsing on the mat . She's also great at changing things up and introducing new poses. Her classes are super affordable as well.

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Yoga is my favorite time of the week!

I look forward to unwinding and letting go at my Saturday yoga class each week! I love the atmosphere and the friendly faces I see. Although class can be challenging sometimes, I always leave feeling refreshed, revived, and happy. The way I am challenged is based on my own comfort level and body. I am encouraged to be grateful for what my body can do right now and I have grown to know and appreciate my abilities far more than I ever could have without yoga. Yoga is not only great for my body, it is wonderful for my mind and spirit.

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My love of yoga!

Carli has started my journey in the art of yoga. She inspires me more and more in each of her classes. She is very good at showing different ways to do each pose and movement for those like me that are not as flexible. With Carli's positive energy and support she makes me feel great while in practice or not. :)

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Yoga with Carli

I have been attending Carli's classes for approximately 2 years. After each practice, I walk away feeling renewed. She gives plenty of alternative poses for all levels. Her flow classes are a great workout with just the right amount of warming up and relaxation at the end. She introduces new poses and challenges to each class, which I like. I enjoy the atmosphere she creates using her knowledge of yoga skills. What a great instuctor!

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You'll Feel It the Next Day!

I took Carli's classes as a beginner. She adjusts her class to fit the level of the participants and explains things very well. I wasn't sure what to expect from yoga classes, but I was always so sore the next day! It was fantastic! I always felt challenged but never too much so. If I stilled lived in Indiana, I would still be taking yoga with Carli! I highly recommend her!