Carmalita Heron

South Vancouver Island, BC

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Inspired by love, life and music, dance has always been Carmalita's creative outlet. Seeing yoga as a form of dance she dove into asana practice like love at first sight. Although Carmalita has been practising Asana intensely since 2006 it wasn't until a few years later on her second trip to India that she really started to explore what this new found love "Yoga" was all about, delving deep into pranayama and experiencing a more spiritual side to her practice. Carmalita undertook her first yoga teacher training at an ashram in South India in March 2009.
Carmalita continues to further her knowledge as teacher and student constantly learning form those around her, exploring her own practice and doing workshops any chance she gets.
Carmalita encourages her students to listen as the breath connects mind, body and spirit to bring you in greater harmony with the natural flow and currents of the universe.

Week of February 6TH

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