Carmen Dröge

Sri Lanka

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I started my practice in 2006 and as many others I immediately wanted to know more and so I did a 300 hours teacher training in Cologne at the institute for "Yoga & Gesundheit" IYGK in in the year 2007/2008 at the end of 2008 I did a further 40 hours training with David Swenson. In 2009 I went to Mysore and practiced with Saraswati at the KPJAYI for one month and I returned for a second month in 2010. From 2009 on I practiced in Cologne and my teacher at that time was Beate Guttandin (KPJAYI authorized). I practiced with her until the end of 2013. When I stopped working as a lawyer for a tv production company I traveled to Bali and practiced with Prem (KPJAYI certified) & Rada (KPJAYI authorized) for two month after that I went to Goa and practiced with Rolf (KPJAYI certified) and Marcy Naujokat for 7 month and one month with Gabriela Pascoli (KPJAYI authorized). During my time of practice I attended workshops with David Williams, Manju Jois, Govinda Kai, Danny Paradise and Laruga Glaser and I am looking forward for my upcoming workshop with Sharath in Bali in September this years. To add something more personal here I would like to say, that my yoga practice was a physical practice when I started and it has just lately changed and has become a spiritual touch, so when we practice we are really taking care of our bodies and even more important of our minds. I really love teaching and spreading the message that a relaxed body and a calm mind will help you finding your true self and leading a happy life.


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