Carmen Rodriguez Hochstrasser

Czech Republic
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It is told that every seeker find its path, so it happened to me with the Yoga, it entered my life when I was 16 years old. I started to study and practice it by a book which fell in my hands and reveled me the connection in between body and mind. This first contact with Yoga led me to a new way of understanding this existence and since that moment it was accompanying my development just to the point where I am now. After some years of autodidactic learning I started with the Hatha Yoga practice in centers related to Shivananda, it was a wonderful experience to find so many people with whom I could share this inner path and to hear and read in the shape of words what I somehow always had knew by intuition. Looking for a deeper comprehension of the āsanas I was practicing the Iyengar-style for several years, combining this practice with the Hatha Yoga proposed by the lineage of Satyananda, where I realized the importance of the meditation.
Encouraged by the wish to improve my knowledge I started the Yoga-teacher course not with the aim of teaching, but with the idea to deepening my understanding. And even before I could think about it, I found myself transmitting this knowledge through my first Hatha Yoga classes. So I discovered the bliss of serving to the others and experienced a precious heart opening that brought me nearer to the Bhakti Yoga and to a firm confidence in life.
Seeking a balance in between the body and mind I began to investigate the mind through transpersonal therapy, which included the Vipassana and the Zazen meditation. There I could clearly recognize that all the paths lead us to the same goal, back home, to the Self, and that everything can be Yoga when it is done with the right awareness. But I also realized that all what is proposed in the other philosophies I encountered was long time before written in the ancient Yoga texts, that consolidated me to be following the path of Yoga.

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