Carmen Voicu

Dorval, QC

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After my first class 16 years ago I fell in love with yoga. My body felt, so light and strong. My mind and soul felt so free and peaceful. Since then yoga has been a part of my life. My regular practice and studies have helped me grow stronger and more flexible. Yoga became a life changing experience, an awakening and a revelation with a profound outcome on my life perspective. I feel happy and balanced. Yoga inspires me to be kind, loving and compassionate.
Seeing how this have improved my life I wanted to help others reach the same harmony in body and soul. I completed my 200 hrs teacher training certification for alignment based Hatha Yoga with Sun&Moon yoga; I am deeply grateful for the loving wisdom that my teachers have shared with me. Since then, I’ve been teaching at Sun&Moon Yoga.
In my classes I love empowering and motivating people see the unlimited potential within, waiting to manifest.
My class this fall is a Gentle Yoga & Meditation. The aim of my class is to bring awareness into our bodies and breathe; to awaken a deeper understanding of the body, mind and spirit. A series of gentle poses which together with proper breathing helps the body align, open up and remove unnecessary tensions. Finished with a short meditation allowing our minds to relax from our busy lives and make space for peace in our mind and soul. I welcome all students with love and kindness and hope that you step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced.
Come on this journey with me and blossom!

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