Carol Figares

Miami beach, FL
United States

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I am from Uruguay. An amazing little corner in south America. I live in miami beach. I teach yoga. I trained in Chicago -Yoga now and Rishikesh India. I belive that we can change our reality, our thoughts and our brains absorbing a great amount of positive experiences and interactions. The greater work we do to get to know ourselves deeply the more connected and grounded we are and more sincere and authentic become our interactions with others .One breath at a time!

Carolina Figares is a RYT 500 Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher.
She has been certified at Yoga Now in Chicago and Rishikul Yogshala in India.
Carol has studies on Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin yoga
She is also certified to teach Yoga Kids and Prenatal Yoga.

She has a background on Psychology, trainings on Reiki healing and Thai body work keeping her aware of the power of words, presence and touch and their mindful use in class.
Carolina guides sessions to empower the students helping them to know themselves better, providing routines that strengthening the body while generating steadiness of the mind so they can grow into their own practice. As the practice deepen what seamed impossible is now available and healing happens naturally.
She believes yoga opens up a space where we truly understand how to accept ourselves but we also learn to tune into the dynamic changes we feel, welcoming the process of transformation.
Through the asanas physical postures and the pranayama breath work we will explore the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects that make up our subjective experience of being alive as a whole.
Carol guides students to remain aware, center and grounded
Her classes will gradually increase the flexibility and endurance of the body as well as training the mind to stay present and connect within.


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