Carolina Mingolla

Cordoba Córdoba

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I started practicing Yantra Yoga in Venezuela under Fabio Andrico´s instructions in 2002 I continued learning, focalizing on the Tibetan Yoga of Movement, Yantra Yoga, in Argentina with Marisa Alonso. At Buenos Aires city I studied Hatha Yoga, Yoga therapy, Dance, Spherodinamy, and Eutony between 2005 and 2007. My main interest is the brathing as a transformative tool for daily life, and Yantra Yoga is specially focoused on harmonising breathing and movemet with a serious spiritual background as it comes from a continuous lineage of oral transmition from 8th century in Tibet. I was teaching in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Costa Rica and USA in several oportunities. Now I live and teach in Córdoba, Argenina.


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