Caroline Ligtenberg


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Teaching Do-In Yoga is helping people to make contact with their real nature. Helpt them to experience their own strength and help them to discover their inner peace.

I give Yoga classes in Beek nearby Nijmegen (Netherlands), Kranenburg and Kleve (Germany). In Dutch, German and English. Have a look in the schedule for my lessons and events.

About Do-In Yoga:

Do-In literally means "the inward journey. The exercises are aimed at balancing your energy system. You become aware of your own energy, you blockages in your body and improves your posture. The classes are suitable for anyone wishing to combine sportiness and awareness: For people for whom the gym is just a step too far, but also for athletes who are temporarily injured to ensure that you are completely silent. And Do-In is particularly suitable for people who want to combine exercise and self-development.


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