Caroline Stiebler

South Africa

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I attribute my interest in yoga, Bollywood movies and bright colours to 3 years of my earlier childhood spent in India.

At university, I started practicing yoga regularly and was amazed how this helped to sharpen sensitivity and awareness of the subtler facets of what was going on in the world around me. I was able to put this into good use during my professional career as a journalist in international broadcasting, and, later, in humanitarian coordination for the United Nations in the Great Lakes Region.

After moving to South Africa, I attended a 2-year course to become a Hatha Yoga Instructor, which entitled me to a membership in the Yoga Teachers Fellowship of Southern Africa. I am also a qualified Yoga and Art of Living Program Teacher with the International Art of Living Foundation.

What continues to amaze me – even after long years practice – is how yoga benefits not only the body in terms of strength and flexibility, but inevitably “opens” the mind and cultivates harmony and happiness of the heart in an effortless way…


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