Caron Bellestri

Birmingham, AL
United States

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I came to my mat in the late 1990's
I was instantly mesmerized with the beautiful and serene studio, the
knowing mindful teachers, and most of quiet.
A place where I could come to pause, leave the past and the future at the door and just "BE" I have had a regular practice ever since.
In 2013 after selling my business, I was given the precious gift of "TIME" I had always dreamed of one day being able to not only practice yoga but to teach it as well. I attended Joyful Yoga 200 Hr. Teaching and studied under Jackie and Emily Chiodo. I completed my training and was certified in "Raja" Yoga in November 2013. I have since taught in the Naples and Fort Myers Fl. I also donated my time teaching at the Naples Youth Haven. An emergency shelter for abused and neglected children. It was truly a joy to watch these beautiful little souls find peace even if it was only for a brief time each week. Many times i found the kids were my teacher!
I moved to rural Alabama in 2014. Having no Yoga studio anywhere near me, I decided to start my own!
I went to the local Woman's club in town and Introduced myself. Within a month I was teaching Yoga at the local Fire all the money to the local High School as well as the Fire Dept.
I love to watch my students grow both mentally and physically with their practice. Watching them become strong, flexible, and balanced is a joy for me. I have a playful approach to my love to create playlists to match the class I am teaching. I am comfortable teaching the most basic classes as well as Core Vinyasa and anything in between. I especially love to have props available to all. I explain that instead of thinking that they need props because they can't do certain asanas (Poses), think of the props as something to use so they "CAN" access the asana or go a little deeper into it. I encourage the students to "HONOR" their body in class. Be mindful to go to their edge but not beyond their limit. Most importantly I tell them that this is THEIR practice. I am merely the guide on their journey. One of my favorite quotes "To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise the mind is not strong and clear" Buddha
I am truly blessed that this universe has granted me the ability to share and explore my energy with others!


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