Cary Thrall

Lead, SD
United States

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My name is Cary. I am a Black Hills woman, heart and soul. I believe in connectedness and the importance of compassion and kindness. I work in many facets through my business, CAT Scratch Studios. I am an artist, educator, Reiki Level II practitioner and Sauerkraut making yoga instructor. I am committed to creative collaboration. Community building lights my fire.
Sometimes, I am a bit intense and forget how many hours are in the day. Yoga, creativity and staying organized help me re-center. They also illuminated the core trail of my journey into conscious awareness. If you feel your heart dance with the full moon, seek your best self, and know there is magic in the mundane, I believe that you are on a similar journey. Led by awareness, connection to self, others and spirit, I am on a long, winding road that opens to subtle and divine depths. The trip is different for everyone, of course. Yet, each path to awareness begins when you tire of your own drivel! Those genuine, burning questions get louder and your intuitive replies do too.
I am a wanderer, but am not lost. I have a clear purpose and intention and made it my business to connect through creative community collaborations, teach art, yoga and meditation. My focus is to help others open their lives to creative flow, for personal goals and artistic vision. This life is one of insight and inspiration. To rejuvenate, I go to water or the woods. That is where I float, read, or ramble around with my flopsy, 3 legged, blue Weimaraner.

Week of May 10TH

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