Casey Wilke

Palo Alto, CA
United States

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Casey has a background in health science and came to yoga to alleviate stress and anxiety while in college. She was immediately hooked by its graceful yet precise movements and ability to use simple breath work to calm her busy mind. After 10 years as a student she completed a 360 hour teacher training while living in Australia and then continued on to practice and study the heart and alignment centered style of Anusara yoga. During her pregnancy in 2013 she enjoyed prenatal yoga and attributes the success of her pregnancy and birth to the physical fitness and connection to breath that she learned in these classes. She was thankful for the support and knowledge offered by these teachers, that she has since completed an intro to prenatal yoga training and been mentored by Jeanna Lurie so that she may share the same with others. Her teaching is woven with the many pregnancy and birth options and focuses on optimal alignment of the physical form to aid in preparing the body for birth, tapping into the sheer power of the breath, learning to trust in the body's inherent knowledge and connecting deeply with the miraculous baby growing inside.


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