Cassandra Edds

San Francisco, CA
United States

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My main two yoga teachers are Christina Sell and Judith Lasater. There have been several other teachers that have influenced my yoga practice including Ellen Grace O'Brian from the Kriya Yoga lineage, classes with Doron Hanoch from the Ashtanga lineage and a couple other teachers that were trained in Anusara. I admire classical yoga training and love to pick up what is applicable and useful to each class I create and teach, carrying on and honoring what makes sense and applies to the lesson.

My message to you is that all the answers you need are within. I want to help you as a student or fellow practitioner create or cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself through the practice of yoga. Everything is okay and I want to help you know that in your inner most heart and emotions. I bring my experience through hardship and an active role in the 12-Step world on to the mat and into the class with positivity. I offer an intelligent thoughtful practice of the asana, whether it be Flow, Form or Restorative Yoga.

My goal is to teach strengthening, balance and awareness; as well as an appreciation for the mind, body and spirit. I teach a regularly scheduled Hatha Flow class at Zazen, Tuesday 10:15am-11:30am. I'm available to be added as a subsitute teacher, temporary or permanent private or group yoga instructor. People would describe my teaching style as uplifting, alignment focused, personalized and strengthening.

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