Cassie DeFrees

Ripon, CA
United States

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Yoga found me after my twin boys were born prematurely at 27 weeks gestation. After spending 81 days in the NNICU with them and then upon returning home as mommy of six, I was filled with anxiety and stress. After being treated by my physician, chiropractor, massage therapist and accunpuncturist and hearing each one suggest I try "yoga", initially I was offended thinking, "I have real stress and issues here! Are you even hearing me?" When in fact, they truly were hearing me. It wasn't long after I tried my very first yoga class that I fell in love with the serenity, the peacefulness, stress relief and flexibility that I immediately began to feel each time I practiced. These are the just a few of the benefits of yoga that I enjoy sharing with my students and fellow practitioners. Practicing at home and with other yogis leaves me with a beautiful, blissful peace!


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