Cat Kabira

Ubud Bali
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» I can say with full conviction that I would not be who I am today if Cat had not entered my life. ... «
Mather Eldred, Yoga Instructor, San Francisco

» Cat is inspirational as a person because she is honest and full of life. ... «
Gloria Monaghan, Teacher

Cat is like sunshine. I met her about five years ago and was struck by her fearless and inspiring personality. The yoga classes she
instructed were a mental, spiritual and physical challenge. They were healing, restorative and encompassed all a yoga class is meant to be. One always leaves given by Cat a better individual than when they entered. Cat makes the world a better place with her spirit and her classes.
Jen Kelly, Artist

» Cat's intuition is impeccable and her touch is soothing. ... «
Leah Rinaldi, Chef, New York

» Cat has such a lightness about her that you almost don’t realize how deep she’s taking you. ... «
Theresa Briggs, Owner and yoga teacher at Bow Street Yoga

» Cat truly has a gift to see people for who they really are. ... «
Fiona Bailey, Australia

» You can’t but help work through your blocks and to really begin to blossom into who you truly are. ... «
Amanda Shep, Winemaker, Healer, Australia

Cat Kabira, originally from the USA, has been practicing yoga in 1997. She initially connected with yoga as a way to work with her anorexia, bulimia, body dysmorphia and tendencies towards drug and alcohol addiction as well as healing for sexual abuse. Since then, it's a love affair that has catapulted into a lifelong passion.

Cat has studied with several masters globally. Practicing yoga with Cat is an experience all on its own. Her classes are quite a unique experience and she's known for her spot-on intuition, deep adjustments and ability to "see" students for who they are .

Classes range from being playful with challenging asana to a more yin-like fashion with a shamanic influence in which the body rests in a deeper state of self-healing.

Cat’s classes, even the more dynamic ones, are slower-paced with longer holds in order for students to connect with themselves and fully feel their bodies. Cat is quite subtle and precise: awareness is placed on muscle and skeletal alignment as well as connective tissue and the subtler energetic systems in the body. She encourages a practice of staying grounded and present, becoming aware of when one is “in” versus “out” of the body, when one is more receptive versus projective and how to feel safe, stable, and trusting of one’s own self. The practice, simply by being in Cat’s field of energy, allows a deeper dropping within and to feel and softly release tensions – from physical to emotional and psychosomatic.

Even in group lessons, Cat maintains a practice of giving individual feedback and adjustments as every body has different needs for alignment. Cat is passionate in holding space for the student to find the way to be in their body that is most suitable for them.
For Cat, teaching yoga is one of her greatest passions and delights and any student who walks into her room is inspired by her depth and brightness.

One of Cat’s greatest skills is in holding a safe solid space for students to meet themselves and do their work. She has an uncanny ability to go right into the root of one’s holding pattern and the sensitivity to work with students in the way that’s appropriate for their system. Some say that her work is shamanic in the way she works with the undercurrent of one’s system and goes right into the heart of the matter.

Her work is largely informed by her training as a craniosacral therapist as well as other energetic modalities, including years of shamanic training. Cat was born tuned into the subtle realm and other dimensions and since as a little girl has been practicing and studying different healing arts to understand more. She’s been lucky to study with some gifted healers, psychics, medicine men/women and shamans in many different traditions around the world. From all of the study, world-wide exploration, and life experience she has done – what Cat teaches and practices these days is less directly connected to one single tradition and is more informed by being present with what is.

Cat runs Foundation and Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings as well as workshops and retreats globally. She is based in Bali, Indonesia where she teaches regularly at the Yoga Barn in Ubud. In her free time she loves to write, cycle, surf, swim, run, compose on the piano, dance, and play in nature.

"Cat Kabira is a beautiful, passionate and intuitive teacher. She teaches the true meaning of Yoga. Not only did I learn yoga teaching techniques, I learned how to cultivate the true spirit of yoga and use it for healing. She has taught me how to connect, listen and teach from my heart!!! In this course i learned how to be compassionate and listen to my student’s needs and teach them how to use yoga as a healing tool! Cat has a amazing gift to “read” people and this is a valuable tool that she uses in her classes. She keeps it REAL. Months have past since the training and i am still integrating, but one thing is for sure my life is not the same. I have more confidence in myself and I am trusting my path, and amazing things are happening!!! I will never forget this training! If you are looking life changing course, this is the ONE!” Kim Peterson, Teacher, Healer, Canada


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

5 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Cat guided me through huge transformation!

Cat is passionate, down to earth and committed to teaching true connection to self. She is a powerful guide, means what she says, and chooses the lessons she bestows upon her students, wisely, staying open to and aware of who is in front of her each time she begins a new class. When I got to take classes with her regularly, I was able to experience major transformation. She is the real thing, and I couldn't recommend her more.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Inspiring and trusted teacher

From the first time I went to one of Cats classes I was hooked. She is an incredible teacher with a kind nature. She honours the body and her focus on core stability is so valuable for anyone keen to practice yoga forever and something many newer teachers brush over. Cat has a real inner light and spark and her genuineness and vulnerability create trust with her students.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
My teacher for 200 hr teacher training



Was my first formal yoga teacher and I serendipitiously found her via her blog which was extremely compelling and spoke to me deeply. I emailed her immediately and asked her if she would be interested in doing a personal one on one teacher training as I specifically wanted to return to Bali and train there and she said yes. I spent 40 days training with her and I loved every minute of it. At the time, I was still in my former profession but knowing that I would have to transition out of that world sooner or later and I did not know how I would integrate teaching into my life. Eventually all the pieces well into place when they were supposed to.
I was in a place of deep introspection and questioning and she was simply the perfect combination of soothing feminine energy and yet straight forward yoga knowledge for me at that time in my life. Part of my training required me to attend a class at the Yoga Barn daily and write reviews of the classes. I always found her classes were just at another level of teaching. She is a amazing craniosacral healer and I enjoyed her sessions that were included in my training. She innately knew when I was having a particularly stressful day or my body needed extra attention. Cat does not teach a certain "style nor brand" of yoga and she brings a wide knowledge from her many different teachers. But more importantly, she brings her huge heart, compassion, and integrity to every class she teaches. I would highly recommend attending one of Cat's classes if you are ever in Ubud at the Yoga Barn. She also runs a well thought out teacher training program with a good syllabus and great instruction. It was the perfect start for my formal journey into the yoga world from a student to a teacher.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Presence and strength

Cat has an uncanny ability at feeling into and adjusting her teaching to the needs of the class. She has been teaching for many years now, yet still is able to show up with absolute presence every time she teaches and guide people through tough spaces into their deeper selves. Her classes are a testament to the work she puts into her own practice and her own life.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Take your practice and teaching the next level!

I was fortunate enough to experience Cat Kabira's Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Barn in Ubud, Bali in October 2013. The training was more than I could have ever dreamed of or hoped for. Cat is a very sensitive, intuitive and special teacher unlike any other I have yet to practice with.


I have become a bit of a YTT expert over the years but can honestly say that this training has taken my teaching abilities to a level I never anticipated. Practicing and learning with Cat and her incredible team has given me the confidence to hold space for my students in a way I never imagined.

I cannot encourage you enough to participate in a training, retreat, workshop or class with Cat. I promise you that you will not be disappointed and neither will your students. The experience with her will change your life and teaching abilities forever!