Cate Baily

Montclair, NJ
United States

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I discovered Kundalini Yoga by accident over 15 years ago. Walking into a yoga class at the fitness center in my office building, I happened upon it and was surprised and thrilled by how engaged, energized, and inspired it made me feel.

Having been raised by a medical doctor and never having been exposed to a spiritual practice, I was also a little "weirded out". I thought my teacher might be insane when she said stuff like, "Your liver will thank you." And I had no idea what was up with the mantras and the chanting. And yet, I couldn't ignore how good I felt.

I've been practicing ever since. Or, more accurately, I've been weaving in and out of a disciplined practice ever since. In 2008, I completed my Level 1 (200 hr) teacher training with Hari Kaur Khalsa. In 2012, I decided to broaden my knowledge and embarked on a very special Holistic Hatha Yoga training (300 hr) with Amy Witmyer of Sacred Sapce. I recently completed my training for Shakti Dance, a beautiful dance practice that is based on the teachings of Kundalini Yoga.

The practice of Shakti Dance is deepening my understanding of my own energy and my whole inner life -- my Truth. It's a perfect complement to Kundalini Yoga. Read my posts about it here and here.

I live and teach in Montclair, NJ. I'm so grateful for my work as a teacher and my students who show up to find peace, vitality, and bliss. My husband and I are raising two miraculous children, Ben and Gwennie. They inspire us every day!


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