Catherine Bernard

Dublin Dublin 20

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Hi, My name is Catherine, or in short Cat, which is appropriate as I love cats. I have 2 and they are usually mat crashers. I am originally from France, but have been in Ireland for over 15 years.
My journey with yoga started over 10 years ago. I practiced whenever I could as I traveled a lot for work. I noticed right away the benefits to my health. I saw a vast improvement on my breathing, which helped me overcome a mild form of asthma.
I spent 15+ years in the corporate world, having studied Business and Marketing. The opportunity to train as a yoga teacher came up. I started training in 2013 graduated in 2015.
After a busy and fulfilling career working for companies, I am now self-employed. I use my business experience to work as a consultant and I teach yoga.
I believe that Yoga is for everyone. A practice can be as challenging or as relaxing as you need it to be.


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