Catherine Salin Derrow

Bexley, OH
United States

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An enthusiastic and dynamic teacher, I teach with an infectious energy that motivates my students. I have been involved in fitness most of my adult life, and began teaching aerobics while in grad school, returning to the fitness profession when my children started school. Fitness, health and wellness are my passion! My favorite types of movement are yoga and weightlifting - but I also love running, dance, kickboxing, hiking -- and have recently discovered and am in love with acro yoga.

I encourage clients to find a fitness practice that not only builds their strength, but balance and flexibility as well. I want students to challenge themselves to safely discover the body's capabilities, and I lead them to move with power and integrity. It promote living a healthy lifestyle through moderation and encourage everyone to find some kind of physical activity that they LOVE. I want to make exercise an enjoyable experience so that it is a sustainable habit for life!

I am certified in a variety of modalities and have taught step aerobics, boot camp, circuit interval training and group resistance training. I am educated in anatomy, principles of fitness, benefits and risks of regular exercise, basic exercises for major muscle groups, safety, appropriate modifications for special populations, standards and guidelines for group exercise. I also work one-on-one with clients to personalize programs for their individual needs.

With 20 years of fitness experience in maintaining my own regular personal exercise regimen 6-7 times weekly through yoga, running, weight lifting, and other fitness activities, I am excited to lead others to transform their lives through yoga and fitness.

Additionally, I have a master's degree in Teaching English as a Second Language, and have traveled extensively around the world, including New Zealand, Korea, Greece, England, Spain, Mexico, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Thailand, China, Indonesia, and Tahiti. I am married with three children.


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