Cathy Mines

Scarborough, ON

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Cathy Mines-Britt RIHR, RYT

Cathy is the Founder and Director of Wellness at Reach Yoga, organizing and facilitating Yoga, Meditation, and Corporate Health Programs across the GTA and beyond. She has been a certified Yoga Instructor since 2003. A graduate of the Transformational Arts College Spiritual Psychotherapy Program and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Cathy’s mission with Reach Yoga is to inspire an end to unnecessary stress in our lives, by taking her customized programs to as many individuals, companies and schools as possible. She makes it easy for participants by packing up her red, Reach Yoga vehicle with all that is needed – from yoga mats to music and candles – so her students have nothing to bring but themselves.

Wherever she goes, Cathy creates a safe and sacred environment for a complete yoga experience. Her vision, which is seen through a very expansive lens, takes her students on a journey inward, cracking open their personal potential and activating an “I Love My Life” attitude!

Reaching outside the world of yoga, Cathy is Co-Creator and Facilitator of the Making Wealthy Choices Program, where she brings her unique brand of creating abundance and the desire to thrive in all aspects of this life. Participants of Cathy’s programs and therapies enjoy her open heart, contagious optimism and wise ways, immediately feeling that they have found the right person to foster their well-being.

Cathy is passionately living her dream and loving the work that she does. You can find her running programs in and around Toronto or digging in the garden with her husband at their Kawartha Retreat Centre.


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