Catia Torresin

United Kingdom

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I started my Yoga journey about 20 years ago and since then I have practiced different styles of Yoga because I love learning and share my experience. I believe that the more I learn a better teacher I become. I love details and to explore and find different sides of my inner-self through practice.

My aim is to give tools to the students for them to find their own way to happiness and peace. We are all different and what is good for someone might be not good for someone else, I would like the students to appreciate and enhance their differences, accepting them and make them their beauty.

Price: £10 (bookings via Bank Transfer/please note not refundable)

Please Book you space! Classes are for a max of 5 people

Private classes available on Sundays!

Price: £50 - 1-hour max 2 people
(bookings via Bank Transfer. Please note: nonrefundable. If class is missed you are given another time)

Please email me for details and availability.

Benefits and advantages of small classes and private classes:

• A tailored practice to achieve your personal needs.
• More teacher to student time, which will ensure you improve your flexibility, strength, and mental focus quicker.
• Increases the opportunity to develop and deepen your yoga practice
• As an individual you will be guided through more challenging poses that align with your yoga level.
• The opportunity to choose the practice which works better for you: more dynamic, deep stretch or deep relaxation

Please feel free to contact me for a chat! Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity for a great life improvement.

Note: we only accept bookings via Bank Transfer, not refundable. if class is missed you are given another time, this condition only applies for private classes.


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