Catie Foroughi

United Kingdom
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CYoga is this 'Magic Moment of Involvement' with Love/ Yoga; brilliance in any situation.

This Is It! 1ove :) We create super happiness and lifes full of love.

With no boundaries it is all my/ your domain. With heels together I ballerina with lotus legs I yogi. The beauty of the body allows one all. An integrated and interactive art that shows the essence of yoga beyond style.
Hey Im Catie!

I’m an organic vegan Yoga Coach ( trained Yoga Therapist!).

My core approach is anything is possible.

I naturally embodied yoga in a very lucid manner since childhood and delight in the play of form.

Though the asanas came much later… I left a life that included a ‘career/ work/ hedge fund lawyer’ to one where I live my Love.

My Passion guides and informs every action and this ‘all-encompassing vision’ creates love and absolute joy… but most important is the Universality of what I do.

I am spontaneous with an original integrated approach to yoga, that involves dynamic connective energy.

This yoga is called CYoga and is my Destiny and I love it! .)

“CYoga is this ‘Magic Moment of Involvement’ with Love/ Yoga; brilliance in any situation.” Its fun!

I have a Complete Freedom approach and conduct all types of classes including one-on-one and group yoga, master classes and Yoga training intensives at some of the world’s naturally beautiful locations. Many of the Intensives I offer and co-create with others are backbend and handstand focused.

“Backbends are transforming and handstands are about creating the life you love.”

I study many styles of yoga and handstands from the inside out and transform weaker areas in one’s yoga practise to one’s greatest strengths …always expanding with


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

12 Reviews

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Very inspiring

Since I have been taking yoga classes with Catie I have gained so much confidence. She is very supportive and her energy is amazing. I can do so many things in yoga now that I never thought I would be able to! All thanks to Catie.

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Inspiring teacher

Talented yoga teacher with clear instructions, very approachable to ask questions and inspiring to learn from!

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Take her lead

Catie has a great spirit about her. She helps you gain confidence. She is very knowledgeable and truly a delight.

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The most amazing teacher I have ever met

Catie is completely amazing is quite hard to find a good yoga teacher. Catie spend 100% of her time training yoga is her passion and is a big difference between someone who has a Yoga certificate that a person who is passionate about Yoga like her. I have been training for less than a month with her and I can already do the handstand, forearmstand and other complicate postures... Just she make me fall in love with yoga.
Catie has changed much of my body, mind and spirit.

Thanks for everything ;)

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Catie is a wonderful teacher, her lessons are always challenging but accessible. She is very friendly, gives great and simple explanations. I simply love her classes!

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I have worked with Catie on a number of Yoga videos and found her enthusiasm and style to be one of a kind. Catie is passionate about the art of yoga, what really stands out to me is her talent for making others feel excited about doing yoga and trying the postures she does. Everyone I have showed Catie's videos too has been really excited to do MORE YOGA, nice one Catie!

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Super creative yoga sessions

Each class is joyful and unique, with some new elements and an option for all levels. The atmosphere is fun, and the music is relaxing. Catie is a great professional who always inspires with her unreal asanas, especially those handstands!

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Very Good Yogi

Has time for each individual Yogi and teaches yoga in a different way that you would not expect to learn unless you are advanced.

I love her classes and the attention she gives especially for the very mature yogis.

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Catie introduced me to Yoga world

Catie was my first yoga teacher - what a stroke of luck! She is one of the most brilliant, knowledgeable, graceful and gifted guides I have ever been blessed to meet. I truly enjoyed each and every class with her - so inspiring, fun and educational. And I was always leaving her classes feeling light and renewed, with the sense of great connection to my body and the whole wide world around me.
After practicing yoga for about a year with Catie, I had to move to another part of the world but thanks to her yoga has become such an important part of my life. Thank you Catie!

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yoga magic!

I've studied under several teachers, but Catie is the most resourceful, the most expert, the most inventive that I've known. She tailors the classes to suit the individuals and varies the pattern of the sessions so you never get stale. I've learned huge amounts from her and admire her knowledge and authority and enjoy her delightful merriment too. Beat a path to her door!

Carol Topolski

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A Chelsea star!

Catie is a dedicated and inspiring leader

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Caties classes are an absolute joy- Expect laughter, joy, variety,expertise and much more.. Caties confidence, love and uniqueness shines in her classess.. Expect to build strength,stamina,flexibility and leave the class with a refreshed mind and joy in your heart. I have been attending cyoga for 10months and it is the best thing I have done... I can do thhings that I never imagined ..thanks to Catie xx