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Santiago was born in Medellín, Colombia and is 32 y old. Despite living a normal life, like anyone else his age, since he was a little boy he was very interested in meditation and spirituality. He started to explore spirituality when he was 17 years old, always reading, researching, but most of all, experimenting.

He started asking himself questions such as: Who am I? Why do I exist? Where do I come from? What is my mission in this planet? How can I awaken?
Looking for answers in different spiritual groups, books, etc., none of these seemed to be complete. After a while he realized that these were questions that words couldn’t answer. The answers needed to be lived to be understood. He then began a personal search based on exploration and validation so he could find the answers through experience.

He would doubt at first. This is why he took it seriously to prove and verify whether everything he experienced in his meditations was real or not. He started to notice that everything his Soul would tell me about the future, would happen. And everything it showed him about past lives was perfectly connected with his present life. But what gave him the most certainty about the existence of the Soul and the contact he had with it, was the internal healings he experienced. He was able to cleanse his energetic centres and bodies with such intensity, that it became very clear and difficult to deny.

Santiago believes spirituality is a personal endeavour. For him, the main discovery has been the fact that our life’s best guide is our own Soul. The techniques he shares are exceptional, and complementary with many other meditation techniques such as mindfulness, for example.

The Alma Works meditation techniques are focused on energetic healing, dissolving the ego and predominantly contacting the Soul in an easy-to-learn, yet deep and revealing way, so that it is your Soul itself who guides your awakening.


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