Cecile Chenault Poh

Charlotte, NC
United States

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My deep, long time interest in yoga and meditation has led me on a path to the Mindfulness training at Duke Integrative Medicine. I am very interested in the concept of integrative medicine and what yoga has to offer as a mind/body continuum. I am delighted to devote my time to teaching yoga for ladies 50+, menopause, and 60+ for a variety of unique health and wellness issues. In my studio we practice to feel good!

Classes are committed to women over 50 and their unique health concerns. Classes include gentle postures as well as mindfulness and breathing practices that consider health conditions common to women such as the symptoms of menopause, back and neck pain, weight issues, and osteoporosis. The practice also addresses special issues such as heart disease, arthritis, COPD, pain management, cancer, and recovery from treatment. Hip, knee, and shoulder replacement issues are respected as well. Teacher trained at Duke Integrative Medicine.


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