Celia Hawe

South Devon
United Kingdom

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My aim is to help people manage their weight.
I bring a unique perspective on weight loss, wellness and motivation using fun, care and insight into behaviour.

♥ author with 250,000 sales worldwide on her book “Yoga for Weightloss”.

♥ astonishing 3 professional accreditations each (CoachU, ICF and CMI Coach and Mentor Cert.)

♥ owned a Health Club for 15 years

♥ hold a massive range of fitness qualifications

♥ 13 years global corporate training experience

♥ 30 years yoga experience with British Wheel of Yoga Diploma

♥ worldwide teaching experience

♥ leading lectures and workshops at the London Yoga Shows, Vitality Shows and Champneys

♥ TV and Radio appearances

♥ cookery qualifications at Advanced Level

♥ adult teaching certificate


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