Celine Gamen

east sussex
United Kingdom

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I am a Yoga teacher accredited Yoga Alliance 200hrs Raja Yoga in India Himalaya. I have been teaching for the last 2 years in Brighton.

I have developed my own practice based on intuition Flow Power Core Healing practice “Healing Yoga”.
This practice combines Hatha, Ashtanga, Restorative, Meditation and Breath Control aspects of Yoga with challenging and dynamic core program flow to life with great benefits to reinforce body and mind connection.
Healing Yoga classes are always special, never the same and provide for regular student a space for evolution physically and physically.
The students are challenged sometimes supported to the edge of capacities as a discovery of ourselves without any suffering.
Always encouraged to practice with Honesty (Satya), Non-Violence (Ahimsa), and non-competition to ensure an inward Yoga practice.

Aiming towards truth and emptiness of the mind during the deep relaxation that concludes each classes and able the student to make space for change or discovery in his personal life and aptitude towards challenges.
Yoga is a journey and I aim to journey with my students. That is why I am making my classes affordable to give opportunity to every Yogis or curious vibes to be part of the experience that Healing Yoga is offering to you!

Hope to see you soon on the Mat :)


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