Chadd Hohensee

Chino Hills, CA
United States

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Yoga has been the most valuable technology in my life, taming the overstimulated modern mind into a focus that allows clarity of thought, heightened sense awareness, and a capable body, prepared for the spiritual adventure that is life. A true tool for gaining higher understanding in the bodies of mind, spirit, emotion, and flesh, and then fine tuning them.

Being the son of a professional athlete, I remained active in competitive sports throughout most of my life, collecting knowledge of the body in motion (kinesiology/ proprioception). Running, Hiking, Surfing, and Rock Climbing also occupied my time.

The active lifestyle carried over into my career as a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer. My fascination with the human form and its stellar potential, accompanied by a philosophical spirit (Native American and Japanese Ancestry) only deepened my curiosities, steering me toward the mind/body/spirit realm of Yoga, and Massage Therapy.

I have been vigorously trained in the vinyasa stylings of Ashtanga Yoga (Hatha/Raja/Pranayama), Vinyasa, and travelled the world to countries such as Thailand, Jamaica, and Belize guiding Retreats and advancing my own practice.

I carry a background in "Northern Style Thai Yoga Massage Therapy", and enjoy teaching various styles of meditation which I have also been trained, including 2 forms of ancient India's Anapanasati & Vippasana.

I hope to recreate my abounding experiences with you and many others, while most definitely discovering new ones along the way.

Find comfort in change, refuge in light, and expose positivity. Stand proud in love.


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