Chae Yang

Philadelphia, PA
United States
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4 Reviews

Teaching since 2006, Chae completed 500 Hours of training in 2008. She has continued uninterrupted practice and studies since through numerous trainings and immersions in Anusara, Subtlle Anatomy, Sadhana, Yogic Scripture, Physical Anatomy, Prenatal-Postnatal Yoga, Yoga for Aging and Ayurveda.

On the mat, she fuses studies with Michelle Synnestvedt, Shari Friederickson, Christina Sell, Desiree Rumbaugh and Carrie Owerko with Prana Vinyasa. Her informative classes offer challenge, laughter and love.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

4 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Chae = Conscious movement

I am very grateful to Chae because she taught me about conscious movement to be kind and thoughtful with positioning my body which has sunk in my mind ever since. Thank you, Chae!!!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Simply the best

Chae, the consummate yoga student spends most of her time studying yoga so she can share her abundant knowledge in a safe, thoughtful and personal way, catered to the inquisitive student. Her careful sequences open gates not only in asana, but in pranayama and more subtle nody experiences as well. Highly recommended if you want to open doors and deepen your studies :-)

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Wise, Loving and Devoted Teacher

I've been practicing with and learning from Chae since 2009. From the start, I knew Chae was a VERY special teacher. In my opinion, Chae is more of a rebel in the yoga world, adopting a teaching philosophy that goes counter-culture to popular mainstream yoga approaches. As an extremely devoted student to yoga tradition, she embodies ancient philosophy while incorporating modern principles of alignment, safety and therapeutics.


After attending many a yoga class where teachers push beginning students into advanced poses, without watching them or giving them proper alignment cues, and encouraging attachment to the physical practice and achievement, Chae was a god-send. With Chae's loving guidance, I've been able to heal injuries and bring increasing integrity to my practice. Chae's teaching and presence have been the catalyst to major shifts in my life, speaking to her teaching extending well beyond the mat. Chae's methodical approach lends well to students that want to truly learn how to listen to and respond to their bodies - gross and subtle.

Chae is committed to continually learning, so she enrolls in teacher trainings, and continues her studies with intensives and workshops consistently. You can rest assured she's sharing increasingly deeper levels of knowledge regarding alignment, philosophy, subtle body studies, history, therapeutics and ayurveda.

I was fortunate enough to be able to do a teacher training with her, and she was so very generous with her time, care, knowledge and heart. Chae's teachings and style are just that - filled with heart. Chae's honest approach is one that lacks the ego-driven style I've witnessed in other teachers. With that, Chae's transmittal of a fundamental yoga tenant is clear - you are your own guru - and she doesn't attempt to assume that role for her students. To me, that is the greatest service she provides - true support and love to your inner guru.

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A true mentor

I have been practicing with Chae since 2011. She puts her whole self into her teaching. I used to go to yoga class as a way of maintaining discipline in my practice and because I enjoy practicing in a community. With Chae, I also go to class to learn. I am coninuously surprised at how I leave her classes feeling calm, challenged and newly aware of something.


Chae puts a lot of thought and heart into her classes and into her individual students. If you practice with her for awhile, she will become keenly aware of your body, your habits, your mood.

She has become a mirror for me and has helped me heal after injuries, surgeries and childbirth. I learned that I injured myself over the course of years practicing yoga. Chae has challenged me to heal through practicing by paying attention to tiny movements and overall alignment and strength building.