Chandra Beal

San Diego, CA
United States

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Chandra was blessed to find yoga, meditation, and bodywork in childhood, growing up on the beach in Santa Cruz, California in a community with many different spiritual and healing traditions.

Chandra is a Registered Yoga Teacher with roots in the classical Hatha style. She especially enjoys working with beginners, teaching women’s yoga, and leading gentle and restorative classes.

She is also a Massage Therapist with certifications in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Esalen Massage, and Reiki. Swedish and Deep Tissue form the foundation of her bodywork style, with many other modalities brought in from her studies around the world (reflexology, trigger point, passive stretching, hot stones). She can focus on specific issues or just help you feel relaxed and renewed.

Chandra approaches her work from a holistic perspective, considering the student's body, mind, and soul. “Bodywork and yoga are like meditation in motion to me,” she says. “I like to help people find balance through their entire mind-body network.”

In a parallel career as a writer, Chandra has published three books, a DVD about animal massage, and hundreds of nonfiction magazine articles. After traveling the world, she has settled in San Diego with two amazing house rabbits and a gratitude for sangha—community.