Chandra (Cyndi) McKenna

Grand Rapids, MI
United States

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Oneness Deeksha brought me into the spiritual side of yoga first with awakenings and greater awareness through Bhakti yoga and Oneness shaktipat deeksha and then Svaroopa® Yoga brought me into deeper levels with the Svaroopa® Sciences of Mantra, Japa, Asana and Maha Shaktipat with GuruDevi Nirmalananda. Releasing core tensions and allowing kundalini to flow and old bicycle racing tensions to release has improved my life.

I really enjoy facilitating greater awareness in others via the spinal decompression provided by Svaroopa® Yoga, Oneness Deeksha and Breatharian Healing.

Classes are small group style, usually 90 minutes. I also offer private Svaroopa® Embodyment® Therapy sessions which offers spinal release equivalent of 5-7 yoga classes. Available for Oneness Awakening Course Deeksha initiations and Breatharian Healing workshops. Contact 360.459.7600

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