Chandra Gurung

Kent, WA
United States

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I am Chandra Kumar Gurung
Since, I was a teenage I had a question in my mind. I was inquiring ‘who am I?’. The very question and concern led me to yoga. For the first time, I knowingly got into the subject of yoga in 2002. Eventually, I got the answer not only of that spiritual question but many others. Physically,psychologically and socially I felt stronger and agile than ever before. Then, I realized to share my learning and experience to the people who need it. Since 2006, I have been sharing my experience of yoga to the hundreds of thousands of people from different corner of Nepal as well as many people of the USA and Europe.
I got opportunity to learn under the discipleship of Dr. Yogi Vikashananda. Under his tutelage, I learned Hatha Yoga, Yoga philosophy, Naturopathy, and many other nuances of yoga. Through the intensive and specific program named ‘​Five Year Self-transformation and Leadership Development​’ in 2005 AD, I was blessed to get vivid and vast wisdom of yoga which made me realize that yoga is not just a physical aspect of life rather a greater and grandeur phenomena of life connected in mental, psychological and spiritual level.
It’s my great privilege to be a part of Soul Spark Yoga. While being a yogi upbringing and learning in the authentic Himalayan teaching of yoga, I feel more responsible to share the experience that I attained in more than a decade.


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