Chantal Doesburg

Melbourne VIC

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About Chantal:

Chantal was born and raised in the Netherlands. After graduating from the prestigious performing arts school, Fontys Hogescholen with a Bachelor of Dance and Performing Arts she then began a professional dance career. This led her to dancing around the globe starting in 1999 in Europe and Asia including Italy, France, Germany, South-Korea, Macau and Hong Kong.
After meeting her husband in Macau in 2015 she decided to move to Melbourne in 2016 to be with him and gave birth to their little angel, Leila, who is the most inspiring soul in her life.

In 2008 Chantal found her love for yoga while she was living in Macau, China. Yoga has changed her life ever since, the way she sees life and the way she sees herself and all beings around her.
Yoga has helped her to overcome physical and mental issues which were very deeply rooted in her being. It gave her the knowledge to know her mind, know her body, to adjust it and to feel happier and healthier. It gave her the knowledge of self-realization, which is the key to health and happiness, the real goal of yoga.

Since 2010 Chantal has been privileged to have studied with many great international teachers including Larry Schultz, Yogananth Andiappan, David Swenson, Kino McGregor, Sarah Powers, Nalanie Chellaram, Sri , Sri Dharma Mittra. They have all inspired her on her journey as a yoga student and teacher.

Chantal feels it’s her Dharma (purpose) to share this knowledge that has been passed to her by many incredible teachers, with everyone that’s interested in the science of yoga. She truly believes yoga is for everyone, young, old, healthy and the sick. That’s why her classes are open for everyone regardless of age or background.

Chantal’s approach to teaching is very personal, she has a good intuition of what a person needs to break through blockages they have built up through their life, her aim is to serve and help others to achieve their goals, by overcoming, improving and managing their physical and mental limitations. She helps you to discover your own potential and your own ability to change, to feel more connected with your true self, which will bring you happiness and health.

Chantal offers at Williamstown Yoga and Meditation Centre her love for Dharma Yoga, a dynamic Classical Hatha Yoga practice in the lineage of her great master Sri Dharma Mittra from NYC. () and Prenatal Yoga Classes. Her teachings will bring you self discovery and joy.

She is looking forward to meeting you all on the mat soon!


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