Chantal Elzinga


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'Yoga. It just isn't for me'. Those were my thoughts after my dear friend (who happens to be a yoga teacher) showed me how to do Sun Salutations. Luckily, that same friend later invited me to spend a couple of days at a yoga festival on one of the Dutch islands. I fell in love with yoga right then and there (the second time's a charm ;-))
I vividly remember thinking that the world would be a better place if every single person were doing yoga.

I have been practicing yoga ever since, whether it is on or off the mat. Not only that, I became a Hatha yoga and a children's yoga teacher.
I feel it is my purpose to help make yoga available to everyone, regardless of their limitations. That is why I feel blessed to also be teaching Yoga for the Special Child® This method has deepened my own yoga practice and enabled me to connect with the person behind the special needs.


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