Chantal Soeters


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Chantal is a Yoga Instructor, Holistic Health Coach and Food Blogger

Yoga: Chantal teaches group and private yoga classes in Amsterdam. She teaches core-focused Vinyasa Flow group classes and alignment-based beginner classes. She has a special interest in the therapeutic application of yoga. She has extensive experience in treating people with back pain, spine pain, neck pain and other injuries. Her teaching style is positive, precise and accessible.

Coaching: As a coach, Chantal guides her clients step-by-step to reach their unique (health) goals. Every aspect of your life is influenced by what you eat but properly nourishing yourself goes far beyond eating a proper diet. You need to nourish yourself in all aspects of your life: at the table and beyond.

Food blogging; Chantal shares her passion for real food, healthy living and anything else that lights her up via her blog Chantalsoeterscom.


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