Charlene McAuley

United Kingdom
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Since I began practising yoga eight years ago, it has been the red line that has ran through many changes in my life. Through an ongoing exploration of this ancient practice that in physical terms is simply breath and movement, I have grown tremendously appreciating of my body, learnt to live without constant worry, and allow vulnerability. Mainly practising Ashtanga for the majority of the eight years, I now incorporate other practices and movement into my personal practice, which has filtered through to my teaching. There is great benefit to be had in dedicating oneself to a system, yet I see how there is great empowerment in practising according to the needs of the moment.

And so I’m always a student, and in a class setting, I’m simply showing students what I have learnt through my own practice and wonderful teachers from yoga and other areas of movement and life. My teaching experience includes classes of beginners, elite athletes, one-to-ones, school children, and of course, my mum! Anyone can practise yoga, all we need to do is breathe and roll out the mat.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

3 Reviews

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