Charles Arrington

Colorado Springs, CO
United States

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Yoga has taught me a lot. One lesson is to never say never. While I was in the Army, I performed a lot of challenging tasks to include jumping out of air craft, while in flight. Fun, adventurous and definitely an adrenalin rush. That type of fun plus other physical activities led to a couple of vertebrates out of line. During each of my physical therapy sessions, a Physical Therapist would ask if I had considered yoga to relive the problems with my neck. I would roll my eyes and think “NO WAY.” “I ant ’t doing no yoga.” “You thinking I’m going to move to Boulder.”
After the military I joined the local YMCA. I noticed yoga was on the schedule, so decide to check on a class. Since it was free, I felt I didn’t have anything to lose. After my third class I sensed there was something to “this yoga stuff”. I liked the way I felt when I left the class and the challenges the class offered. Soon I was attend every yoga class I could, whether locally or while traveling, I had to have my yoga fix. Soon, others encouraged me to become a yoga teacher. So from a doubting Thomas on yoga to a devotee to the practice, I made a big change.
I enjoy sharing my love of yoga with others. I have hundreds of hours of teaching others, thousands of hours of practicing and workshops. I truly believe yoga is a gateway to personal change. From physical changes to changes in attitude. There is a type of yoga for everyone so no matter who you are, your age, body type or you athletic background.

My Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Credentials consist of:
200 hours YTT with CorePower Yoga, Colorado Springs, Co
500 hours YTT with Pranava Yoga Center, Colorado Springs, Co
15 hours YTT, Mindful Yoga Therapy

“Its not the destination, but the journey Yoga is truly a journey. As hard as you practice and study, you can never master it all”