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United Kingdom

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I have always been a lover of fitness and a true gym enthusiast. I would be at the gym 6 days a week where I would be weight training, tabata training, circuits, cycling or attending yoga much as I hate to admit it I am naturally a very competitive person, I love being able to constantly push myself and improve so sport is perfect for me. It is also a great outlet; if I’m having a bad day I would go the gym to pick myself up.
I always knew how important form was but I never really listened to my body the way I should have done and didn’t give myself the time to rest. After over training on an injury I ended up having reconstructive hip surgery but that was after 10 months of no impact or weight bearing sport activity which pretty much ruled out all my training apart from yoga. It was during this time that I really understood the full benefits of yoga.
Although I was unable to do many of things I wanted to do, Yoga ticked a lot the boxes I was missing from my training, the Self discipline, increased strength and stamina and that sense of achievement when you are able to get yourself into a position and hold also had many more benefits which has helped me to increase my mobility, flexibility and balance. It has also helped calm my mind, I have a very busy brain and like to over think things especially just before I go to sleep. The focus needed when practising yoga helps to clear my mind. Meditation has also helped, although I struggled for months to be able to sit still and not get distracted about random thoughts like what I was going to have for dinner, the techniques learnt have helped me with my anxiety and sleeping.
My recovery has been a long road with many setbacks (compressed discs, sciatica….) but in a way my injury has been a blessing in disguise, it’s given me the chance to stop and really think about what would benefit my body through deepening my own yoga was during my recovery that I decided to train as a yoga teacher, I truly believe in the benefits of yoga and I want to share what I have learnt and what I will continue to learn with others.
This is my journey so far, so whether you’re a beginner or experienced yogi, please come along to a class and start your journey as I continue mine.


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