Charlie Speller


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I'm a Level 3 Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher, Poppy Perinatal teacher and trainer, Bodyworker, Reiki Practitioner and Shaman

My passion for yoga scooped me up and out of the corporate world and onto the mat — where I feel like I belong. I'm an up-beat, compassionate and compelling teacher. My classes and workshops are powerful, healing, sweaty and fun!

When I teach, I guide you into a deeper understanding of your emotional and physical selves, so that when you leave, you feel energised and empowered.

I frequently use my experience of high-pressured environments, and the healing of my (many!) own injuries from life and impact sports, to move every type of body through an exhilarating and safe practice.

Helping you to get out of any, pain and suffering by helping to heal injuries, is one of my specialities.

As a Leader and team builder in the corporate world, I was instantly drawn to the personal development aspects of Forrest Yoga and the Shaman/ Medicine ways. They've been a huge help in my own life transformation and I'm passionate about sharing those tools and helping you to see your own potential — and grow into it!

When I'm not working or on my yoga mat, I love, love, love to get in the ocean!


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