Charlotte Dare

United Kingdom

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Charlie’s interest in holistic healing began at school with natural therapies, semi-precious stones and massage. In her teens, it was common to see Charlie booking in friends and relatives for massages or advising them on what foods and herbs to eat. A bout of poor health in her late teens reinforced her commitment to the healing powers of foods and natural remedies, encouraging her to deepen her studies and find ways to help people learn to self-heal.

After school, she went on to study History at Edinburgh University and graduated with a First Class MA Hons. During her time there, she became particularly interested in Indian History and focussed her study on this area and on ancient forms of spirituality and healing. Travels to India and Central and South America developed this passion and led her to establish a regular yoga and meditation practice which she enjoys sharing with others.

She discovered reflexology whilst studying medicinal plants and ayurveda in Guatemala and was astounded (and continues to be astounded) by the power of the practice. She has since trained at the London School of Reflexology in levels 1,2 &3 and has studied ayurveda with Dr Deepa Apté at Ayurveda Pura, Greenwich. She draws on her knowledge of ayurveda for an all-encompassing approach to clients’ treatments and finds this aspect of her treatments absolutely crucial to honouring the individual needs of her clients.

She teaches one-on-one yoga lessons and yoga to small groups. She loves sharing the ancient practice and encourages students to feed back with their thoughts on their experiences, during and after class. Her classes are conducted in a nurturing and gentle manner, in line with how the client is feeling on that particular day.


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