Charlotte Hoogenhuizen

Ubud Bali

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Born in Australia in 1968, Owner and Founder of Narasoma Retreat Centre, Narasoma Homestay & Villas and Narasoma Spa in Ubud – Bali, Indonesia.
Studied Yoga with Sri Jaya Shakti (Guru Arsana) since 2009 and started teaching Yoga under his guidance in 2012.

Spiritual Journey:
I set out on a spiritual path in Tibetan Buddhism in my early 20’s but my spiritual and life changing journey began when I found my spiritual home and teachers in Bali, Indonesia 16 years ago. For more then 12 years I was doing spiritual practice without Yoga Asana (yoga postures) and as a result, held a lot of physical blocks in my body and lacked confidence in general.

After incorporating Yoga Asana into my daily life since 2009, it is unthinkable for me to live my life without incorporating all aspects of yoga with my spiritual practice, and I also believe it was with blessings received from the Guru that my whole life was transformed, both inside and out.

Personal Yoga Teaching Style:
Focused on building prana through a flow of movement and breath, resulting in expanded strength and endurance. It is a dynamic class with room for individual modifications to encompass beginner and intermediate yoga poses. It is an energetic, invigorating yoga style, supported by a carefully selected spiritual music playlist that helps to create flow, movement and opening of the body.

Kundalini Tantra Yoga classes:
Ubud Bodyworks Centre
Om Ham Retreat
Ashram Munivara


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